In business since the 90s, Sumner McKenzie, Inc. offers a wide array of design and development services, from simple to complex. We'll build a customized look and feel for your site, and add features as needed. Want a full shopping cart? We can build it. Need membership join and view pages? We're your team. Need an events app? We can do it. Need a calendar app? Give us a call. Need low cost Facebook advertisting to sell your product? We're experts in Facebook ads.

You get to be the boss of what you do and we get to use our expertise to help you shine. Take a look below at what we offer, then give us a call! (360) 881-0274

Website Design/Development

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"Ya’ll ~ the new website
is mighty damn fine!
Thanks so much for your efforts!"

Peter B.

Web Site Design and Maintenance: Chaela, our resident Web Goddess, listens closely to you and gets a feel for your work and your preferences to design web sites that speak volumes about you and your company. An award winning web designer, she's got hundreds of web sites to her name. Take a look at some of our favorites. She'll design yours using the latest technology, powered by CSS, chock full of all that's needed to please the search engines. Did we say she's a Search Engine Optimization Expert? She is!

Our team will code your site from the back end, and spruce it up from the front end giving you a fluid, dynamic site; a mobile app; a database driven site; or combination to serve your business. Yours could be next!

AWESOME JOB! I love it I love it. Thank you everyone for sharing your talent and hard work associated with a new website. This is great!

Renee L.

Database Design, Shopping Carts, Apps, and A complex project requires a brilliant code master - John McKenzie and his sidekick, Dakoda Greaves. Whether it's a customized shopping cart, a fully functional database membership site, or a page displaying your upcoming events, a calendar or a customized CMS system, John tackles the back end of our web sites making them function in ways that stream line your work flow. Here's an example: One of our clients used to hire Chaela to update the specials on the site on a weekly basis. Using static HTML, it would take Chaela hours to make these updates. Finally, we talked the client into relying on a database and an page for weekly specials. A few hours of our time and voila! Specials now take a half hour to update!

John keeps his skills updated to reflect current trends and save you money. Ask him about and the kinds of Web Apps he can build. He'll then go on to explain how you can use to easily display 100s of members, thousands of conference talks, or whatever your heart desires.

Security - The web can be a scary place. Whether you’ve only heard about someone’s site being hacked or experienced it yourself, you have every reason to protect yourself. We see it happen on a daily basis. With our ears to the interweb, we’re constantly reminded of brute force attacks, malicious injections and other ways of compromising your website. As a result, we have measures to help you protect your data and your website at rates you can afford. For instance, we can install Sucuri, a website monitoring and alerting service, that can restore data that has been compromised. We can add that to any site at a discount of what you would normally pay. Give us a call to find out how we can help protect you and your website. (360) 881-0274

(Said to client) Your web site is fantastic! Not only is it visually beautiful, but it is very clear, informative, inspiring, easy to navigate, and gives a real sense of you and what you offer! Congratulations!"

Mary Pat

Merchant Accounts: We've got experience with the major merchant accounts and know the ups and downs. We'll get you set up with a payment system - FAST!

Brochures, logos, business cards, posters, postcards: Chaela loves to create new designs. That's why all her art work, be it a brochure, a business card or a logo, is unique. No cookie cutters allowed here!

Search Engine Optimization: There are a lot of techniques out there to optimize your site for Search Engine Placement. You know this - you probably get emails several times a week offering to Get You to the Top - FAST! What you don't know is that many of these so-called techniques can get you black-listed from a Search Engine - FOREVER!

We practice only the legitimate "White Hat" search engine techniques to get you to the top of the main search engines. We focus our efforts on the Big Players like Google, MSN, and Yahoo and leave the link farms to the cows. :-)